Thursday, November 5, 2009

Coming back

I haven't blogged since July, which is pretty inexcusable even though I tend to update this thing rather haphazardly. It's partially because I'm never really sure what direction I want to go in with this blog. And it's also partially because I've moved to New York.

I'm in the city because I'm going to grad school, which is pretty intense. It's time consuming, and when I'm not busy working, I like spending time with the friends who've always lived in this area, while also spending time getting to know the people in my program. (Most of them are pretty fabulous, and I recognize that I'll never get to hang out with so many like-minded people again, so I really want to enjoy what I can).

I've been going in and out of the city for years because of work, concerts, and many other things. But living here is something else.

I'm going to try updating more in the future, not just about concerts and whatnot, but about the wonderful wacky things I'm encountering in this city. So stay tuned!

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